Alpago Lamb and the Alpagota Breed

The Alpago lamb, also known as the Alpagota breed or Alpagota sheep, is a relatively small breed of sheep that is indigenous to Alpago. The official name, also recognized at governmental and international level, is that of “Alpagota”.

Characteristics of the Alpagota sheep:

  • Medium-small size 
  • Absence of horns
  • Minute ears
  • Dark spots on head and lower limbs
  • Entirely covered with a thick and wavy coat
  • Suitable for both alpine environments as well as stable breeding
  • Excellent for the production of: meat, milk and wool

Peculiarities of Alpago lamb:

The Alpagota sheep can be defined as Alpago Lamb when the animal’s age is less than 5 or 6 months. The reason that made the Alpago lamb famous all over the world is its incredibly tender meat, paired with a balanced natural taste between fat and lean, and with strong notes of alpine herbs. These exceptional characteristics of tenderness and sublime taste have guaranteed Alpago Lamb the attribution of Slow Food presidium. Usually, the most tender lambs are those slaughtered between days 55 and 65 from birth, with weight varying between 15 and 25 kilograms.

Where to buy Alpago lamb meat:

Although it is generally possible to buy Alpagota sheep meat in various butchers and shops in the Alpago area, the recommended best places to buy Alpago lamb are the following:

  • (Butcher) Macelleria Brandalise: in the Spert area, see map here
  • (Butcher) Macelleria De March Gianni: in the Tambre d’Alpago area, see map here
  • COOP Lamosano (Butcher within shop): in the Lamosano area, see map here

Where to buy Alpago Lamb cheese

  • Malga Illari: in the “Mont” area of ​​Chies d’Alpago, see map here

Alpagota Lamb restaurants:

For those who do not like to cook, or simply to get a taste of Alpago lamb prepared by the expert hands of local restaurant owner, we recommend the following restaurants:

  • Locanda San Lorenzo: Michelin-starred restaurant in Puos d’Alpago, which offers an option for a tasting menu based on Alpago lamb. Discover San Lorenzo here.
  • Dolada Restaurant: Michelin-starred restaurant in Plois, just above the town of Pieve. The restaurant offers an exceptional Alpago Lamb Kebab. Explore the Dolada restaurant here.
  • Miramonti Col Indes: hotel and restaurant located high up in the Col Indes area. not far from the town of Sant’Anna, it offers the dish “Il Pastore” (meaning The Shepherd), based on many local products, including Alpago lamb. Visit the Miramonti profile here.
  • Locanda al Capriolo: located in Pian Cansiglio, the Locanda al Capriolo offers an abundant dish of Alpago lamb along with baked potatoes, typically for four people. Discover Locanda al Capriolo here.
  • Locanda San Martino: strategically located with a breathtaking view of the entire Alpago valley, Locanda San Martino offers particular presentations of Alpago lamb as they are also breeders. In addition to the normal lamb dishes, the inn can also serve lamb brains on request. Discover the Locanda San Martino here.
  • Osteria Al Fogher: the “Al Fogher” tavern is located in Spert and offers Alpago Lamb served “in tecia”, which is a Venetian word that could be translated as “stewed”. The stew comes with baked potatoes and polenta. More information on Osteria al fogher in this page.

Alpagota sheep wool for sale:

  • Malga Valmenera farmhouse:
    • Tambre, tel +39 0437 432056
  • Malga Illari:
    • Chies (Cate), tel +39 340 617 9251
  • Locanda San Martino:
    • San Martino d’Alpago, tel +39 334 139 0806
  • Locanda San Lorenzo:
    • Puos, tel +39 0437 454048
  • Coop of Lamosano:
    • Lamosano, tel +39 0437 40143
  • Bottega NAT Saviane Berta:
    • Bastia, tel +39 0437 46731
  • ANYA by Bona Amelia:
    • Tambre, tel +39 346 4313092

In conclusion, the Alpago Lamb and Alpagota sheep are local specialties that anyone must absolutely try at some point when visiting. For any information or additional details, please get in touch with us here.