Discover Astounding Pic Nic Spots on Veneto Mountains

When the weather is sunny and you have a day off, or during warm summer weekends, when the heat in the city becomes unbearable, organising a picnic in the mountains can be a great way of spending a wonderful day with family or friends.

Let’s take a look below at picnic and BBQ areas on the Veneto mountains by Lake Santa Croce and Alpago.

Lake Santa Croce Picnic Areas:

Granted that it is actually possible to virtually eat anywhere on the shores of Lake Santa Croce, there are often environmental rules and prohibitions, especially in relation to lighting fires. Let’s take a closer look at specifically where it is possible to access picnic equipped areas for picnics at Lake Santa Croce.

Picnic area by Lake Santa Croce, Farra beach:

  • Located near the beach of Farra, a short distance from Camping Sarathei
  • Free access on a first come first served basis
  • Fires are forbidden

Santa Croce Equipped picnic area “La Vela”, by Poiatte hamlet:

  • Located in Poiatte, inside “La Vela” Snack-bar
  • Gazebos available with barbecue areas by the lake.
  • Contacts:. +39 0437 451057
  • Boat rental nearby

Picnic area in Santa Croce del lago:

  • Located near the town of Santa Croce, close to the Santa Croce railway station
  • Equipped with benches and tables
  • Breath-taking view of the lake and the Alpago mountains

Cansiglio picnic areas

Pic nic Cansiglio, ‘’Bus de la Lum’’ area:

  • Located in the municipality of Tambre, a short distance from the attraction sharing the same name
  • Ban on lighting fires
  • Area equipped with benches
  • Reservations unavailable

Cansiglio ” Tiriton ” picnic area:

  • The Tiriton picnic area is located by the SP422 road in Alpago, coming from Spert hamlet towards Cansiglio
  • As in other picnic areas in Cansiglio, there is a ban on lighting fires
  • Area is equipped with benches and reservations can not be made

Pian Cansiglio picnic areas ”Archeton” and ”Pian Rosada”:

  • Not far from each other, the two picnic areas Archeton and Pian Rosada are located in Pian del Cansiglio. To be exact, the Archeton is located in Pian Cansiglio, while Pian Rosada is a couple of curves further north towards Spert, at the entrance to Cansiglio.
  • As in the entire protected area of ​​the Cansiglio, lighting of fires is prohibited.
  • The areas are equipped with benches and free to use.
  • Reservations unavailable.

Alpago picnic areas:

In addition to Lake Santa Croce and Cansiglio, there are several other options for picnic areas in Chies, Pieve and Puos d’Alpago. We highlight some of them below.

Cate picnic area near Chies:

  • Location: Cate Municipality of Chies d’Alpago,
  • Communal area equipped with barbecue, with four grilling points,
  • Tables and benches available,
  • Not bookable, first come first served basis.

Mont picnic area near Chies:

  • Located near Mont, in Chies region
  • Area with table and benches,
  • 15 seats and benches and fireplace,
  • Not bookable, first come first served basis.

Picnic area Pieve d’Alpago:

  • Located between Garna town and Pieve, the picnic area of ​​Pieve d’Alpago is located at the intersection of road SP4 between Via I Maggio and Via Catisana, a short distance from the independent petrol station
  • The picnic area consists of two tables with benches, a panoramic view of the lake and some trees to provide shelter from the sun
  • 8 or 10 places available
  • Reservations unavailable

Garna picnic area: 

  • Coming from Pieve d’Alpago and proceeding south from road SP4 is the hamlet of Garna. Once passed through the hamlet heading Puos, a picnic area can be found on the left=hand side of the road. If you’re coming from Puos then the area is on your right.
  • The area is equipped with benches, tables and it is fully covered by a wooden structure
  • The picnic facility can not be booked

Puos d’Alpago picnic area, ” Le Valde ” itinerary:

  • Going up from Puos d’Alpago through Via Giuseppe Verdi, at the exact intersection with Via Castello, you can spot a dirt road that runs alongside agricultural land and extends towards the woods. The road is marked as the ” Sentiero Valde ”.
  • Walking up along this road for about a kilometer will lead to a covered picnic area with wooden structure and equipped with benches and tables.
  • The picnic area cannot be booked and is free to use

So, whether you are with family, friends, or simply looking for a day of peace and relaxation in nature on the Venetian mountains at the gateway to the Dolomites, Alpago certainly offers a variety of options in this regard. For more information you can contact us directly here.