Alpago Paragliding: breath-taking aerial views on Lake Santa Croce

Alpago is an ideal place for practicing air sports, in particular paragliding and hang gliding. This is due to the relative accessibility and geographical position of Mount Dolada, which can be reached by car from the town of Pieve; it is south facing and kissed by the sun practically all day.

Tandem flight experience with instructor in Alpago

Paragliding with an instructor is the simplest and most accessible way to try air sports without too much effort. Also bearing in mind the unique experience that comes from the privileged access with a 360-degree view of the breath-taking landscapes of the Alpago mountains and its majestic lake.

Where to go paragliding in Alpago?

To book tandem flights, courses and information on hang gliding and paragliding in Alpago and on Lake Santa Croce, you can contact the ASD DELTA CLUB DOLADA association at the following e-mail address: [email protected], or by visiting our page of useful contacts, paragliding and flight section by clicking here.

Requirements for flying a paraglider with an instructor

From a technical point of view, flying with an instructor does not require any special prerequisites, with the exception of bringing a pair of sneakers and some extra clothes, as temperatures at high altitudes may be lower than on land.

As for the maneuvering of the two-seater as well as supplying flight equipment, the flight school is able to provide both instructors and equipment.

Is paragliding a safe sport?

In principle, paragliding is a safe sport. However, there are some safety precautions that must be taken, such as the use of a helmet, emergency parachute and suitable harness. Furthermore, you only fly when the weather conditions allow it.

What are the ideal conditions for paragliding?

Paragliding is strictly bound by weather conditions. The ideal climate should be relatively dry and with wind between 3 km/h and 15 km/h for a beginner. It does not necessarily need to be a sunny day, as take-off area work well even on cloudy days, provided that there is sufficient wind, which forces air to go up, creating favourable currents for flight.

Dolada weather conditions right now and forecasts for the next days:

MOUNT DOLADA Take-off Area Weather

Paragliding courses in Alpago

The flight school in Alpago provides individual paragliding courses, with no particular fixed dates. Normally, lessons take place on weekends, but it is possible to contact the flight school on short notice for midweek lessons.

The training first takes place on an easy low slope, to learn the basics of taking-off and landing, with flights of only a few meters. After familiarising with the basic techniques, then it’s time to move to Mount Dolada for the first real flight.

Alpago paragliding course structure:

  • Phase 1) Training in the School field, lessons on aerodynamics and meteorology with about ten solo flights
  • Phase 2) Thermal soaring training
  • Phase 3) Exam preparation (if you want the certificate) **

** Note: for the acquisition of the certificate you must be at least 16 years of age (with parental consent for minors) and have passed a sports medical examination.

Where is the take-off pad on Mount Dolada?

The take-off for air sports is located near the “Rifugio Dolada” guesthouse. The map below outlines the exact geographical location of the launching area:

Paragliding take-off pad Alpago photo:

Alpago Paragliding launch
Alpago Paragliding Launch & Take-off Area

Paragliding competitions:

Each year Mount Dolada hosts both national and international paragliding and hang-gliding competitions, with hosts pilots from all over the world.

Dolada paragliding shuttle service:

A shuttle service is available to pick up and carry paragliders to take-off area, only available for customers of “Rifugio Dolada”. For additional info, please visit our useful contact page, paragliding and flight section, by clicking here.

For any other questions or concerns, please contact us here.