Useful Contacts

On this page we have collected and categorised all contact details and useful information to book different types of activities & experiences in Alpago. Swiftly jump to the contact table of interest by simply clicking on one of the following links:

Alpine Guides Alpago

Guide Alpine Avventura+39 3472456597[email protected]
CAI Alpago+39 3497421635[email protected]
Alpago Alpine Guides

Sport gear for sale & rent in Alpago:

Sport Vuerich+39 0437 46256[email protected]
Asportstation+39 0437 989293[email protected]
Parco Neve Luda Col Indes+39 3314400840[email protected]
Sport Gear in Alpago

Gyms & Swimming Pools

(Swimming Pool) Piscina Alpago – Tambre+39 333 715 9602Not Available
Gyms and Swimming Pools Alpago

Tennis Courts Alpago

Tennis Court Cornei / Puos+39 351 6108304
(or Bar San Marco at +39 349 358 4162)
[email protected]
Tennis Court Farra+39 334 9749091Not Available
Tennis Court Tambre+39 340 3160480[email protected]
Alpago Tennis Club+39 3477344136Not Available
Tennis Courts and contacts in Alpago

Paragliding and Air sports Alpago

ASD Delta Club Dolada
(Paragliding School & Booking)
+ 39 338 33 90 070
(Fax: +39 0437 479040)
[email protected]
Launch & Landing Shuttle Service
(Only for “Rifugio Dolada” guests between May & November)
+39 0437 478048[email protected]
Paragliding Alpago contact details

Golf Club & Golf Course Bookings

(Golf Club) ASD Golf Club Cansiglio+39 0438585398 (between May & October)
+39 3490058822
[email protected]
[email protected]
Alpago Golf Club

Windsurf, Kitesurf, Boat Sailing & Boat Rental

Lega Navale Belluno – Sailing Club
(windsurf, kite, sail boats & wing foil)
+39 0437 658892[email protected]
Dimensione Kite ASD (Windsurf & Kite)+39 3482664489Not Available
VKC School (Windsurf & Kite)+39 391 3203805[email protected]
SX Kite School (Windsurf & Kite)+39 327 533 8895
+39 338 226 8453
[email protected]
ASD School Kite Otto (Windsurf & Kite)+39 349 277 6050[email protected]
Ride with Us (Windsurf, Kite & Wingsurf)+39 328 2122595Not Available
“Fortunato” by Poiatte beach (boat rental)+39 0437 4244Not Available
Dolomiti Wake Base (wakeboard)Not Available[email protected]
Sailing and water sports Alpago

Fishing in Alpago

“Bacino di Pesca n.7 – Alpago”
(Alpago Fishing Association)
+39 0437 1832279[email protected]
[email protected]
“da Fortunato” cafe in Poiatte (to buy fishing permits)+39 0437 4244Not Available
Sport Vuerich (to buy fishing permits)+39 0437 46256[email protected]
Fishing in Alpago and on Lake Santa Croce – Useful contacts