Fishing at Lake Santa Croce: rules, permits & useful info

Fishing at Lake Santa Croce:

Fishing is an activity that man has been carrying out for millennia on lakes, seas or rivers, consisting in catching fish with various tools and techniques. While in the past fishing was a necessity, nowadays fishing can be a sporting or recreational activity.

Lake Santa Croce is located at 386 m above sea level, it belongs to the Alpago Fishing Basin Authority n.7, and is very popular amongst sport fishing enthusiasts thanks to the abundance and quality of fish fauna. In fact, the lake has 14 native fish species and 2 non-native fish species.

Fish species and types of fish present at Lake Santa Croce

In the table below, the list of Alpago fish species with annexed scientific nomenclature:

SpecieScientific NameNative / Non-Native
Lake troutSalmo trutta marmoratusNative
PikeEsox cisalpinusNative
TenchTinca tincaNative
CarpCyprinus carpioNative
RuddScardinius hesperidicusNative
ChubbSqualius squalusNative
BleakAlburnus alborellaNative
BarbelBarbus plebejusNative
RoachRutilus aulaNative
PigoRutilus pigusNative
PerchPerca fluviatilisNon-Native
Whitefish Coregonus lavaretusNon-Native
GraylingThymallus thymallusNative
EelAnguilla anguillaNative
SticklebackGasterosteus aculeatusNative
“Po Valley” lampreyLethenteron zanandreaiNative
Alpago Fish Fauna

The Whitefish and Royal Perch are the “kings of the lake”, as they are very common species in the area. An interesting case is the one of the eel, which reappeared in Alpago following a specific reintroduction plan.

The specimens caught at lake Santa Croce can reach considerable dimensions. Among Whitefish, there have been catches of 2.5 kg, among the Pike, catches of over 15 kg and among the Carp, even catches of over 20 kg.

List of rivers and waterways belonging to the Alpago fishing basin n.7

Areas where fishing is allowed:

  • Torrente Tesa (river): from the sources to the “Schiucaz bridge”, and from the “Schiucaz bridge” to the Bridge of Farra d’Alpago
  • Funesia stream: tributary of Tesa in the Chies area
  • Torrente Borsoia (river): from the Maina Bridge in Borsoi area at the confluence into the Tesa stream
  • Torrente Valturcana (river): tributary of the Tesa in the Cornei area
  • Lake Santa Croce
  • Torrente Rai (canal): from Lake Santa Croce to the “Schiette bridge”
  • Fermega torrent (river): it flows “parallel” to the Funesia torrent in the Chies area
  • Boccolana stream: tributary of the Borsoia stream in the Chies area
  • Runal stream: tributary of the lake in the Farra area
  • Torrente Valda (canal): tributary of the Tesa torrent in the Puos area.

>> Click here to see the map & fishing zones of the Alpago fishing basin n.7

No fishing areas in Alpago (“No Kill” Signs):

  • Torrente Tesa (River): in the natural wetland of “Sbarai Oasis”, from the S.S. bridge in Farra d’Alpago to Lake Santa Croce (Zone N of the map linked above).

Lake Santa Croce fishing regulations:

To fish in Alpago and on Lake Santa Croce, you need two documents:

  1. Fishing permit: permit to be purchased from authorised resellers.
  2. Fishing license: regional tax payable online.

1) Alpago fishing permits:

To practice fishing in Alpago, everyone must be in possession of a permit (either membership type, multi-day, or daily) issued by the competent basin for the territory. To obtain permits relating to the Alpago fishing basin, click here.

Types and costs of fishing permits:

  • Daily permit:
    • Adults: 15 euros
    • Minors: 7 euros
  • Multi-day permit (valid for 10 fishing days):
    • Adults: 70 euros
    • Minors: 35 euros
  • “Carp” multi-day permit (valid for 10 days of carp fishing):
    • Adults: 40 euros
  • Membership Card (Annual fishing permit):
    • Adults: 60 euros
    • Minors: 30 euros

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2) Alpago fishing licenses:

Fishing licenses are issued by the Veneto Region and can be paid online. Residents of Veneto and foreign citizens are subject to different types of fees and license.

Types of fishing license:

  • Residents of Veneto: fishing license B, consisting of the receipt of the payment of the regional concession tax. The payment lasts 1 year and must be accompanied by a valid identity document. The regional fee payment can be made at this address.

NOTE: If you are unsure about how to pay for licenses and permits, visit the specific contact page by clicking here.

Lake Santa Croce fishing license fees:

  • Adults (residents): 34 euros with annual validity.
  • Minors: free.
  • Children under 14 and over 70: all you need is a valid identification document.
  • Handicap holders: free (based on law 104/92).
  • License for foreigners: 13 euros valid for three months.

Fishing limits and restrictions in Lake Santa Croce and the Alpago basin n.7 (valid for the year 2021):

  • Lake fishing closure: from 1 December 2021 to 5 March 2022.
  • Fishing on streams closure: from 27 September 2021 to 5 March 2022.
  • Fishing on streams closure: Tuesdays and Fridays.
  • Permitted tools for retrieving hooked fish: landing net only.
  • Whitefish Rules: closing from 27 September 2021 to 5 March 2022;
    • Minimum size: 30 cm.
    • Maximum number of daily withdrawals: 5 units;
    • Maximum number of seasonal pickings: 200 units
  • Pike Rules: in any case, there is a ban on keeping any specimen captured.
  • Royal Perch rules: closed from November 1st 2021 to May 31st 2022.
    • Maximum number of daily withdrawals: 30 units;
    • Maximum number of seasonal pickings: 350 units.
  • Carp Rules: maximum number of seasonal pickings: 5 units.
  • Trout rules on Lake Santa Croce:
    • Maximum number of daily withdrawals: 3 units;
    • Maximum number of seasonal pickings: 20 units.

For more information on limits and the latest updates on restrictions, contact the local Alpago fishing authority on this page.

In conclusion, whether you are a professional or an amateur fisherman, Alpago and Lake Santa Croce offer a formidable variety of options for anyone. For further questions or any info, do not hesitate to contact us by clicking here.