Fairy Tale Winter Landscapes with Sled Dog in Alpago Forests

Sled dog, also known as dog sledding, is a sport that is practiced in the winter season on sleds that are pulled by dogs and guided by a person that is technically called “musher”.

The Cansiglio Forest, with its flat conformation and snowy winters, is the ideal place for the practice of Sleddog. In the winter period, in fact, several tracks dedicated to sled dogs are set up in the area. The vivacity of happy dogs playing outdoors, together with the safe guidance of the Mushers, make this discipline available to everyone, including the little ones.

Sleddog slopes Cansiglio, Skijoring and winter competitions:

In Alpago there is a sled dog school, where in addition to the traditional use of sleds, it is also possible to practice skijoring, a version of cross-country skiing with help in traction from dogs.

As for the routes, the Cansiglio dog sledding club organises tours on two different rings: a ring of 2.8 km and another of 12 km.

The club also organises a large calendar of dog sledding competitions, open to all enthusiasts, amateurs and professionals, under the supervision of qualified veterinarians.

Historical notes and info on Sleddog in Alpago:

The Cansiglio Italian Sleddog School was founded in 2008 by Mr. Azzalini Mario: instructor, musher and competition judge. Every year the school organizes a solidarity competition, in collaboration with other charitable initiatives that involve schools in Alpago. The school also offers sleigh rides for adults and children, in addition to providing sled dog courses.

The club is located in Pian Osteria, in the middle of the Cansiglio forest. In the vicinity of the school there are several farmhouses, accommodation of various types, and restaurants where you can rest and eat typical products.

Activities and prices for Sleddog in Alpago:

Conducting test: This offer consists of trying to conduct a sled pulled by 2 dogs while accompanied by an instructor.

  • Length of the route about 2 km
  • Duration 35/40 minutes
  • Cost: 30.00 euros

Sightseeing tours for children and teenagers:

  • Children under 10 years: they will be transported in a sled pulled by 4 dogs, accompanied by an instructor
  • Reservation required
  • Time bookable: from 13:00 onwards
  • Price: 15 euros per child
  • Children aged 10 to 14: will be leading the sled alone with 1 or 2 dogs
  • Reservation required
  • Cost: 15 euros per child
  • Children aged 14 to 18: will lead the sled alone with 1 or 2 dogs
  • Reservation required
  • Cost: 20 euros per child

Sleds and equipment rental: It is possible to rent sleds and accessories for outings or for training alone. This option is available for customers who have taken basic courses.

Price: 30 euros

Summer activities with dogs

Although dog sledding is purely a winter sport, there is also the option of going out with the dogs for walks during the summer. Summer rates and tours below:


  • Walk on path in Cansiglio lasting 1 hour
  • For this activity tools available foe rent are harnesses, belts for the person, and for the dog
  • Price: 15 euros

Dog-Trekking (with your own dog):

  • Same path as above, lasting about 1 hour
  • Hire of harnesses and belts only for the human
  • Price: 10 euros

Information, Contacts and Map for Sleddog Cansiglio:

  • Contact person: Mr. Mario Azzalini
  • Address: Via Fullin, 44, 32010, Tambre d’Alpago (BL)
  • Tel: +39 0437 49272
  • Mobile: +39 347 5821153

Map of the Geographic Position for Dog Sledding in Cansiglio: