Alpine Cuisine at Malga Mezzomiglio in Alpago

The Agriturismo Malga Mezzomiglio is located in Alpago, a few kilometers above Farra, on a natural terraced plain in a privileged position, overlooking the Cansiglio plateau on one side, Lake Santa Croce on the other, and the peaks of Valbelluna Dolomites towards south-west.
Photo: A Section of the ”Malga” indoors | Source: Tripadvisor

The hut: pastures and breathtaking views

The Mezzomiglio farmhouse is nestled in the green of summer pastures, at an altitude of 1295 meters above sea level. Cows, goats, horses and donkeys are free to roam in the wide area, not minding the spectacular panorama that surrounds them. Furthermore, the pastures surrounding the Malga Mezzomiglio are teeming with mushrooms and aromatic herbs that guests will find wisely included in the restaurant’s dishes.

The Menu: genuine and of own production

The menu of Agriturismo Mezzomiglio is characterised by the variety of its own production. Butter, mountain cheeses, fresh, smoked and spiced ricotta, pastin (the fresh sausage typical of the Alpago area), cold cuts, grappa and herbal teas stand out. All products can be purchased separately in the shop of the malga.

The first courses (or “primi” in Italian) include typical preparations such as pappardelle with meat sauce, gnocchi and “canederli” dumplings with butter and sage. However, at Malga Mezzomiglio, the “secondi” meat dishes are the main ones, thanks to the presence of the fine meat of the black pig of the Dolomites and the highly sought-after venison stew. There are also typical dishes of the Venetian mountains: frico (the typical grilled cheese), polenta and platters of cold cuts and cheeses.

The menu is completed by homemade desserts, including strudel and cakes, and a wide selection of homemade grappas and herbal teas prepared with mountain herbs and aromas picked in the pastures of the malga.

A complete meal at the Mezzomiglio alpine hut costs between 25 and 35 euros per person.

Activities: Alpago at your feet

The alpine hut “Mezzomiglio” is the starting point of numerous trails that wind through the Alpago mountains and the Cansiglio forest, several of which can also be travelled by both traditional and electric mountain bikes (e-MTB). Furthermore, Lake Santa Croce is the perfect place for all kite surf enthusiasts, and the town of Farra d’Alpago is a pleasant visit to discover the history and legends of Alpago.

Services provided by the Hut:

  • On Site Parking
  • Reservations available
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bar service
  • Pets Allowed

Malga Agriturismo Mezzomiglio: much more than a restaurant

The guests of Malga Mezzomiglio farmhouse will be witnesses of a sustainable and authentic farming reality, rooted in the territory where it originated and which respects the rhythms of nature. This gives in exchange genuine and healthy products, prepared as they once did, respecting tradition.

Address and contact information

  • Address: Mezzomiglio, 32016 Alpago BL