“Dal Cogo” Restaurant and Hotel in Spert, Alpago

At the center of the picturesque village of Spert, rising from Farra and at the northern edge of the Cansiglio forest, is the historic Hotel & restaurant dal Cogo. “Cogo” is the Venetian word for “cook or chef”, which clearly indicates the vocation of the business.

Photo: Cogo Hotel Restaurant | Source: Facebook – Hotel’s Page

The Hotel rooms: where rustic and modern meet

The hotel has two single rooms, one twin room, two double rooms, and one triple room. In most of the rooms it is possible to add an extra bed on request. All rooms are equipped with TV and private bathroom. The furniture is particular and refined, with rustic wooden elements that complement rooms with bright and spring colors.

The Menu: tradition, variety and experimentation

The menu of Ristorante dal Cogo is extremely varied. Of course, there is no shortage of traditional mountain dishes, such as tagliatelle, venison stew with polenta, braised venison, and pastin (the typical fresh Alpago sausage). The fixed menu formula allows you to diversify the offer on a daily basis. Friday is the day dedicated to cod, offered in all sauces: Vicenza-style, creamed and stewed, with plenty of polenta and side dishes.

During the rest of the week, guests can enjoy, among other dishes, escalopes with lemon, strips of beef, fried fish, and pancakes with porcini and speck, some of which are prepared on sight in the giant pan now inevitable in the restaurant. . Among the vegetarian proposals, mushrooms, tagliatelle with radicchio cream and peperonata stand out.

Prices are moderate, with a full meal ranging between 15 and 30 euros.

Cogo services in Spert:

  • Parking on site
  • Wifi
  • Italian breakfast available
  • Pets allowed upon request
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Bar service
  • Reservation available

Alpago, with a twist

If you are looking for a stay in Alpago, in a rustic and modern environment at the same time, and do not disdain a place that while maintaining the culinary tradition intact, also integrates its menu with new national and international options, then the Hotel Ristorante dal Cogo is the perfect place for you.

Address and contact information

  • Address: P.za Martiri della Libert√†, 9, 32016, Spert, BL
  • Tel: +39 351 751 5891