Osteria al Fogher Alpago

For over 250 years, when Alpago still belonged to the Republic of Venice, Osteria al Fogher has offered refreshment to the inhabitants and travelers of Spert, not far from Farra d’Alpago. A timeless village on the northern edge of the Cansiglio forest, a few kilometers from Lake Santa Croce, in Veneto.

PH: Big sandwich at the Osteria | Source: Gallery – Osteria al Fogher

Fogher: a centuries-old place of gathering

The first communities that settled in this area used to gather, eat and warm up around hearths, in the main building of the village. This tradition continues today at Fogher (hearth in Venetian language), a tavern of which, as the name suggests, is centered around a hearth, which is lit from September to June, around which to drink, eat and enjoy convivial moments in good company.

The menu of Osteria al Fogher: the famous sandwiches

Chef Samuela delights her guests with a wide choice of main dishes in the tavern. Among these, game stands out: roe deer, red deer and fallow deer; not to be missed are the Alpago Lamb, grilled cheese and fresh homemade pasta. Finally, the Fogher stands out for its generously sized sandwiches, and for the s’ciosele, the mountain snails that Renzo personally collects at an altitude of 2000 meters. Vegetarian options include the Giada sandwich, with mixed vegetables and cheese, and the ricotta, butter and sage dumplings.

Among drinks selection, in addition to the house wine, guests can choose from an extensive wine list and an even wider selection of beers and grappas.

The Service: a tavern suitable for everyone

  • Parking on site
  • Takeaway for sandwiches and dish of the day
  • Easily accessible by wheelchair
  • POS enabled for credit cards

An ancient place that has been able to renew itself

If you are looking for a tavern that offers traditional products, but you don’t want to give up the convenience of take-away, or the simplicity of a sandwich sitting around the fire, then the historic Osteria al Fogher is the right choice for you.

Address and contact information

  • Address: Spert, 88, 32016 Alpago (BL)
  • Tel. +39 0437 472008
  • Mobile. +39 3474 846103
  • Email: [email protected]