Bar Bianco in Cansiglio

Bar Bianco in Cansiglio and the dairy and tourist center of Tambre:

Among the green pastures of the Cansiglio plateau, at the border between the Venetian and Friulian Alps, surrounded by a thousand-year-old forest, is the Bar Bianco – Dairy and agritourism farmstay centre: an institution among the structures receptive of the area.

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The menu: rustic ingredients of the highest quality

The menu of bar Bianco offers traditional dishes from the Venetian mountain cuisine. Among these, the three unique dishes on offer stand out, the Belumat, the Cansej, and the Pagot. The first of the three consists of Cansiglio Bio grilled cheese, pastin, the typical fresh Alpago sausage and polenta. In the Cansej, beef stew takes the place of pastin sausage; while the Pagot combines roast potatoes, fresh ricotta and Alpago lamb with polenta. Among the vegetarian options we can find the frico cheese with polenta and mushrooms, caramelised ricotta with honey and walnuts, and the ricotta gnocchi with mountain butter and sage.

The food counter of Bar Bianco: genuine Cansiglio products

As its Italian name suggests [centro caseario, or dairy farm], Bar Bianco is also a dairy farm. The farmers that are also members of the Cansiglio Bio consortium, usually bring their milk to Bar Bianco, where it is used for the production of cheese, fresh cream, yogurt and ricotta. All products are then included on the menu or sold at the bar’s food counter, where visitors can choose from numerous types of mountain cheeses and meats, jams and marmalades. All produce comes from local organic farms, with respectful processes of the natural rhythms of animal life.

Can you sleep at Bar Bianco in Cansiglio?

Technically not, but those who wish to stay surrounded by the Cansiglio landscapes can do so in the former social farm of Tambre, also part of the Cansiglio Bio consortium and located in Tambre, a few minutes drive from the Bar Bianco.

Service and highlights:

  • Parking on site;
  • Take-away;
  • Home delivery of own produce;
  • Bar service;
  • Conference rooms available;
  • Not open at dinner, occasionally dinners are organised in conjunction with night excursions;
  • Reservation required.
  • Certified ingredients and in a traditional environment

Bar Bianco is perfect for anyone looking for organic and local products in a rustic and traditional setting. Outdoor, guests can enjoy a terrace caressed by the mountain breeze overlooking the surrounding forest.

Bar Bianco Cansiglio opening hours:

The White Bar in Cansiglio is open every day from 9 to 18, except Mondays.

Bar Bianco Cansiglio – address and contact information:

  • Address: Pian del Cansiglio, 32016, Alpago, BL
  • Tel: +39 0438 581082