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Saint Anne Food Festival Pieve

The patron saint of Pieve d’Alpago is Saint Anne and is celebrated on July 26, the period of the year in which the homonymous festival of Saint Anne in Pieve takes place, usually on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the week of July 25th.

Facts concerning Saint Anne:

  • She lived between the first century BC and the first century AD
  • Mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and technically “grandmother of Jesus”
  • Venerated in many parts of the world, her skull is kept today in Castelbuono in Sicily

Events and initiatives during Saint Anne festival in Pieve d’Alpago:

  • Tasting of delicious cheeses, meats, polenta, pastin sausages and typical products
  • Music themed evenings, with ballroom dancing and rock bands
  • In the past, the festival has hosted regional selections of models for beauty contests
  • Fireworks

Pieve d’Alpago: Map of Saint Anne Food Festival