St. Joseph Food Festival in Chies

The patron saint of Chies d’Alpago is Saint Joseph, and is celebrated on March 17th, the same day as St. Patrick. In that period of the year the festival of Saint Joseph takes place in Chies, usually on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of that week.

Facts about St. Joseph:

  • He lived between the first century BC and the first century AD
  • Non-carnal parent of Jesus, also known as the putative father
  • The profession of St. Joseph was carpentry
  • Joseph was initially intent on repudiating Mary for her apparently illegitimate son, but then an angel appeared and made him change his mind

Events and demonstrations for Saint Joseph festival in Chies d’Alpago

The small village of Chies d’Alpago comes alive with the village festival, which is very much felt by the locals as an important part of the year. Pre-pandemic, the Chies festival hosted:

  • Irish themed evenings, with beers and folk music
  • Guided tours of stables and farms for children
  • Live music
  • Sale of grilled foods, chickens, cheeses, polenta and much more

Chies d’Alpago: Map of the Sagra di Saint Joseph