St. Bartholomew Food Festival in Puos d’Alpago

The patron saint of Puos d’Alpago is St Bartholomew Apostle and is celebrated on August 24th, the time of year in which the homonymous festival of San Bartolomeo in Puos (Sagra di San Bartolomeo in Italian) takes place, for one or two conecutive weekends.

Salient facts about Saint Bartholomew:

  • He lived in the first century AD
  • He was one of the twelve Apostles
  • He met Jesus through St. Philip
  • He was flayed alive and then beheaded for having converted King Polimio of Armenia to Christianity

Events and manifestations for the San Bartholomew festival in Puos d’Alpago, Belluno:

  • Bumper cars, rides and games of various kinds
  • Sale of skewers from local organic meats and produce, pork and typical Alpago products
  • Music themed evenings
  • Fireworks

Map of the St. Bartholomew Festival in Puos d’Alpago: