Camping Tambre

The Tambre campsite is managed by the municipality of Tambre and is located in a rather strategic location, walking distance from Tambre town centre. The camper site is located opposite the swimming pool and SPA building, which can be used to relax and enjoy after a long day of hiking in nature.

Tambre camping site price and amenities

The camping site can be used free of charge all year round and offers few modest amenities, including:

  • Chemical toilet discharge
  • Electricity (Note: it has been reported that electricity is occasionally discontinued)
  • Waste water discharge
  • Dogs Allowed
  • Trash Cans available
  • Illuminated terrain
  • 6 parking spots

Map of Tambre Campsite

Although access to the site is free, for any issues or problems with the structure it is possible to call the local competent authority at the following number:

  • Tambre Camping Site phone number: +39 0437 49422