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The Trail of Cimbri

The trail of the Cimbri in Cansiglio extends mainly through the area of Tambre, and starting from the plain of Pian Osteria, passes through six ancient Cimbri villages, some of which are now only made of few ruins.

Technicals of the Cimbri Trail:

Timec. 03:30 (hh:mm)
Hight Difference220m
Trail of Cimbri, Alpago characteristics

Further details on the Cimbri Trail

  • Recommended starting point: Pian Osteria
  • C. 50% of the trail is located within woods & wild paths
  • C. 40% of the trail is paved
  • 10% of the trail is on gravel

Map of the Trail of Cimbri:

Trail of Cimbri Map – Source: Leaflet Maps