Hostel in Belluno – “il Mulino” in Bastia d’Alpago

The Bastia hostel in Alpago near Belluno, also known as the “Il Mulino” holiday home, is located at the entrance to Alpago, in the town of Bastia, a short distance from Lake Santa Croce.

Where is the youth hostel in Bastia?

The holiday home “Il Mulino” (or simply Bastia hostel) is ideal for individuals, couples or organised groups. The structure is only 2 km from Alpago railway station, from which you can reach in about 20 minutes on foot, 7 minutes by bicycle, or 4 by car.

The hostel address is as follows:

  • Il Mulino Holiday House: Via del Mulino, 7, 32016, Alpago, BL

The hostel is also located just 50 meters away from the bus stop. Bastia is one of the best served areas by public transport in Alpago, from which one can get hourly buses to either Belluno or Vittorio Veneto. Modern electric trains can also take you to Treviso or Venice south-bound, or Cadore and Cortina d’Ampezzo heading north.

If you own or rent a bicycle, the Bastia hostel is actually the ideal place to reach Lake Santa Croce in less than 5 minutes. There are also several kilometers of cycle paths that connect the various towns and villages of Alpago, which can be roamed in a non-polluting and sustainable way.

Bastia d’Alpago Hostel Map:

Il Mulino Bastia holiday home hostel: Rooms and service

  • There are 20 beds in total:
    • Three bedrooms: one with 9, one with 5 and one with 4 beds;
    • Two single bedrooms.
  • Shared bathrooms,
  • Hair dryers fitted in the bathrooms,
  • Common lounging area,
  • Free wi-fi network AlpagoFreeWifi,
  • Refreshment corner with automatic vending machine for snacks, hot and cold drinks.

Bastia hostel prices per person per night:

Shared room:

  • 10 euros per night [without towels],
  • 14 euros per night [with towels].

Single room:

  • 12 euros per night [without towels],
  • 16 euros per night [with towels].

Note: it is also possible to request additional bed linen for 5.00 euros, and extra towels for 4.00 euros.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner at the Bastia hostel in Alpago:

Guests of the holiday home can take advantage of the agreement with Albergo Ristorante da Beio, just a few meters from the property, at the following prices:

  • Breakfast at the counter, 2.00 euros
  • Breakfast at the table, 5.00 euros
  • Pizza and medium drink, 10.00 euros

For info and reservations regarding the Bastia hostel:

  • Office: +39 0437454650
  • Email: