Saints Hermagor and Fortunato Food Festival in Tambre

The patron saints of Tambre d’Alpago are St Hermagor and Fortunato, which are celebrated on July 12th. At that time of the year, a small festival usually takes place in Tambre for a couple of days to celebrate the two saints.

Facts about Saints Hermagor and Fortunato:

  • They both lived in the first century AD
  • Hermagor was appointed as bishop of Aquileia in the year 50 by Saint Mark himself
  • Fortunato was the Deacon of Ermagora
  • Both were martyrs, killed in Aquileia in the year 70

Events of the Tambre d’Alpago festival:

The small town of Tambre d’Alpago comes alive in the summer and winter periods, with various kinds of events. When it comes to the patronal festival of Saints Hermagor and Fortunato specifically, Tambre in the past hosted:

  • Football, tennis tournaments and amateur sporting events
  • Inflatable playground for children
  • Sunday fair market
  • Sale of grilled foods, chickens, cheeses, polenta and much more

Tambre d’Alpago: Map of the patronal festival of Tambre